Sourcing and Procurement Services

We provide our clients with innovative Sourcing and Procurement Services. Through these supply chain services, we help companies achieve both monetary savings and improved supplier relationships. We offer a variety of value-added services, including Category Management, Contracting, Negotiations, Strategic Sourcing Services, and more.

With decades of years experience building a strategic sourcing network we help organizations address all aspects of their procurement and sourcing operations to achieve savings and improved supplier relationships.

Strategic Sourcing Services

We understand the challenges of strategic sourcing and procurement to help companies align their strategies with the goals of the enterprise.

Strategic Sourcing is not a solo effort. We partner with our clients to drive value creation by leveraging our mutual time, knowledge, sourcing experience, resources and tools. Our cost reduction initiatives include spend analysis, supplier identification and qualification, negotiations with suppliers, and process improvement. 

Azusa's goal is to help you obtain savings faster while improving all qualitative aspects of your relationship with your suppliers. Our services can be provided on a fee-for-service model, or you can lower your risk by choosing a contingency based (gain sharing) plan.

Our Strategic Sourcing services provide clients with:

  • Current market analysis
  • Recommended strategic sourcing strategies for cost reduction
  • Bid analysis
  • Recommendations for supply change
  • Final contracting and negotiations
  • Implementation support
  • Ongoing audit and continuous improvement monitoring 

Supplier Management and Partnering Programs

Three critical supply chain measures are quality, cost and time. Each of these measures can be improved through the proper management of suppliers.

We help clients identify the proper type of supplier relationship for purchase and develop recommendations and services to improve these measures.

Contingency-Based Cost Reduction

We provide our clients with a wide variety of fee options in exchange for our strategic sourcing services. While flat-rate fee for service options are available, we also offer an unprecedented contingency-based billing solutions. With our contingency plan, our clients do not pay us until hard-dollar savings are achieved through our sourcing initiatives.